Relap Pro offers multiple services under a fixed monthly fee. Every month, the monthly ad revenue will be transferred to your account, only taking out the platforms cost from the SSPs and adservers.

Our premium publishers will never lost one dollar as it happens with others competitors that usually take out between 10% to 60% from your ad revenue. Relap Pro is not the old model of ad network, it is an outsourcing  programmatic team.

This new monthly fee scheme is fully transparent. Relap Pro will protect your revenue in the market, because our costumers are the publishers not the agencies or advertisers.

Our IT team will be working very hard to increase your average eCPM, your volume of campaigns and fill rate in all the ad formats, working as a home  programmatic team.

Also Relap Pro will try to find the best ad tech partners for you, to update your ad formats in mobile, desktop and mobile apps. Our second free service is IT consultancy and advice.

You can maintain your own agreements with networks and agencies or advertisers and also use your own  programmatic team, Relap Pro will focus on the extra revenue to cover markets far away from your local  programmatic market or in getting improvements in your local market with new budgets.

Multiple SSPs Administration

Video and display advertising are managed using a single platform over multiple SSPs that are connected to more than 300 DSPs. Relap Pro will help you increase your daily revenue with the help of our platform, trying to find the best campaigns in every one of the country markets.

Relap Pro is an strategic partner from the best SSPs that are in the market, our company increases the providers of  programmatic campaigns using our plataform as the main nucleus.

Access to Worldwide PMPs

Relap Pro will help you connect with all media agencies and direct advertisers using multiple PMPs in every country, which are nearly 200 in 40 countries. It may sound like something impossible to do, however, Relap Pro will help you to fulfill this mission because we work as a publisher partner.

We will also help you connect with all local agencies and advertisers that can be a potential buyer for your inventory, helping the agencies find premium inventory without fraud or robotic systems that represents more than 60% in the open market places.

All our costumer publishers will provide you a strong potential audience in any country around the world saving buying risk to the advertisers.

Help Maintaining Your Own PMPs

Relap Pro can supervise and help you to create your own PMPs with your costumers. Also, our company will provide you IT support to create your own deals and solve any issue with the DSPs, trying to find the best SSPs.

Sometimes it can be quite diffcult to connect with your customer DSP, nevertheless we can solve these eventualities faster than any other company thanks to our vast experience. Instead of using only one SSP which can"t connect with all the DSPs on the market, our platform will do all the work for you.

DMP and Data Projects

Relap Pro can help you to create your own data source to improve the targeting of the ads with Private Open Offers(POOs) and Private Market Places (PMPs). As an extra service, we can advice you in how to create the best online data solution, to improve the PMPs delivery with audience targeting and increase your eCPM.

In the near future, all the PMPs will need data from the publishers in order to increase the bid rate percentage, therefore, Relap Pro will help you adjust to this future.

Customer Service

Relap Pro customer service would help you grow and manage your business with support through phone, email, chat or videocall.

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